kapcie króliki ręcznie robione na szydełku z miękkiej akrylowej włóczki

Bunny slippers – free crochet pattern!

Bunny slippers for adults, free crochet pattern

Hello!! Who doesn’t love cozy warm slippers? It’s even better when you will do this by your own hands and they’re super cute;p Here is free crochet patter for sweet sleepy bunny slippers🙂

kapcie króliki ręcznie robione na szydełku z miękkiej akrylowej włóczki



  • mr – magic rink
  • dc – double crochet
  • sc – single crochet
  • hdc – half double crochet
  • sl. st. – slip stitch
  • ch – chain stitch
  •  inc– increase
  • dec – decrease

Rows are join with slip stitch. To start new row make 2 ch (don’t treat it like a dc!!)

Crochet pattern for bunny slippers, size 37

Base x 2 with cream yarn

1. Ch 2 in MR, 10 dc in MR ( 10)
2. Ch 2, inc in every (20)
3. Ch 2, 8 dc, inc, 10 dc, inc (22)
4 – 7. Ch 2, dc in every (22), finish after 7 row, cut the yarn.  (If you would like to have bigger size, like 39 and so, make 8 rows)

Join with standing hdc in 15th stitch to the left, 15dc, in 16th stitch make hdc, turn
2-8. Ch 2 (treat it like a dc!), 15 dc, 1 hdc, turn
You can make it bigger or smaller by add  or remove 1 row. Now you have a whole for your foot, but we want to make it more smooth. So just simply make sc around, and the another round with sl.sp. Cut the yarn and the slippers are done. Let’s do bunny look;P

EARS x 4 with sc

  • 1. Ch 2.
  • 2. inc in second chain stitch
  • 3. Ch1, 1 sc, inc
  • 4. Ch 1, sc in every
  • 5. Ch 1,  sc, inc,  sc
  • 6-7. Ch 1, sc in every
  • 8. Ch 1, sc, dec, sc
  • 9. Ch 1, sc in every
  • 10. Ch 1, sc, dec, Ch 1
    sc around, in top of the ear make sc, ch1, sc, finish, cut the yarn, leave long tail to sew

with pink yarn make ch 6, hdc in second ch, hdc to the end for a total of 5 hdc. Finish, leave long tail, tie it in the middle, then sew to the ear.

Embroider the nose and eyes. Sew the leather. Make a pompon and sew it. Done!

Have fun and keep your feet cozy!

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